Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday 25th October

What a wet and windy day today! The clocks went back last night, so we had an extra hour in bed - the best place to be on a day like today. So, I managed to get up and shower and went to church. Our vicar was away and we had a really old man taking his place. he was very slow at everything and, although he had a beautiful speaking voice, I couldn't actually hear him speaking very well, despite the microphones. Never mind, we sang some good hymns!
This afternoon I tried to tidy the back bedroom and sort out some clothes for the charity collection tomorrow. Many of our charities now post a plastic bag for you to fill and coleect it again a few days later. Unfortunately, in some areas, other people have been collecting the bags and making money for themselves. Sometimes it's a sad old world. Anyway, I can almost see my desk top and even the bed!!!!! A couple of hours tomorrow should do it and then I start on the shelves.
I'm in the middle of making a costume for kev to wear at halloween. It looks awful at the moment, but will look Ok when I've finished - I hope. It's only a bit of fun, after all. My Frankenstein head looks good now I've finished it - at least jasper thinks it's scary. Talking of that little monster, he's just drawn blood on my leg - he was catching one of his toys and missed and caught my leg. He's asleep at my feet now and that's how I like it.
I've also been looking at the work of my friend's son. It's called Hippolyte and Jeremie and is so good. We have some pictures of pigs that he drew for us when he was only 14 or 15 and we love them. I wish I could draw half as well.
Anyway, time for coffee so I'll close now.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

22nd October

Well it's been a beautiful week this week - bright autumn sunshine and the trees are so gorgeous. Last Saturday we went for a drive into Derbyshire. We bought a picture in an exhibition a few weeks ago and we went to pick it up. Not that it's on the wall yet, but will be this weekend....I hope! Then we have the garage to sort out - what a job!
Jasper's good - still ripping paper etc.but generally improving. He began his Kennel Club Good Citizen bronze award on Tuesday night and did quite well for a little fella. Whether he'll pass at the end I don't know - here's hoping.
I've been into Manchester today visiting a member of our Trefoil Guild. She's just had her 80th birthday but fell at home last week and broke her hip. She's had surgery this week and looked better than I expected, but I would think that she'll see some changes in her life. She lives alone and her family are in Australia so I don't know whether she'll go into sheltered housing or whether some support will be put in place for her. She's a grand lady - feisty and full of fun. her mind is sharper than mine (not hard) and she tells some wonderful stories.
Guides is closed for 2 weeks as the hall is being used. Last week we took them swimming in Stockport, but the pool was being used.So we went to the pictures to see 'Up' the new Disney film. I don't usually like animated films but this was really good. I'm not a great cinema fan, so if I enjoyed it, it must be good!!
Well I shall have a cuppa now and then try to get Kevin to try on his costume for Hallowe'en!! A sight to be seen, I think.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday 11th October

I can't remember when I did my last blog, but it must have been a few days ago. I have just finished getting our small former dining room floor clean as we are having a wooden floor laid tomorrow last! We seem to have spent the last couple of days moving things from one place to another. Last night we went out with friends for a chinese banquet in Manchester. It was pretty good and we ate far too much, of course. When we drove into the city centre there were so many police around that we wondered what was going on, but then remembered that there had been a demonstration in the afternoon. We didn't see any trouble, thankfully.
Today has been parade day - it was Harvest and baptism at church this morning and then I was invited to a standard service in the afternoon. It was good to see al the kids taking part but also rather sad. The service was dedicated to a 7 year old brownie who had died last december of a brain tumour. Mum and dad were there, but how they coped, I don't know. The guides had made up a lovely song which was very moving.
On to happier things - my Jasper is growing very tall and takes full advantage of this. His latest trick is to grab anyhing he can off any surface he can reach, which is pretty well everything! Today he has removed a bottle of wine from the wine rack, a hammer from Kev's toolbox, a milk bottle, thankfully empty and various pieces of paper, socks, hankies etc. Goodness knows what goes into his little tum but he's impossible to catch.
Well, the smell of coffee has just drifted across my nostrils, so i must go for my injection of caffeine.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tues 6th October

Have you had one of those days? It has rained hard all day - my washing basket is full,but I can't wash because I can't get things dry- the drier is behind all the bookcases in the garage. Don't ask me why we have our bookcases in the drier, it would take too long to answer. Jasper has been a bit of a hooligan today. he shreds everything he can get hold of and the house looks like a litterbin a lot of the time. Kev's out tonight and I had a million, well four, things to do and I have done 2. I haven't done my homework for art yet - looks like I'll be up late.
I had a lovely weekend. I had to go to a National Conference for the Trefoil Guild and I didn't really know anybody very well, if at all, so I was quite apprehensive. However, the drive down through the Peak District was lovely. All the trees were just beginning to show their autumn colours and the sun was shining. - just my kind of day! The conference centre was OK, at least I had my own room and the sessions were interesting. As always with guide functions, we stayed up far too late and had plenty of laughs. I did miss the younger people though, as most of the Trefoil are over 60 in age if not in spirit. Last night I had another meeting in Manchester and have two more this week, so I'll be absolutely sick of meetings!!
This afternoon it was praise and play for the little ones. Some of them have moved on to school this term but we have several new ones who are quite small. I took my 'harvest' bag with me and took out a banana, onion, potato etc. Where does all the food come from? Tesco's, of course!!
Well, I'd better get my homework done as Jasper is having a little nap. I've just discovered a jazz programme on the radio so I'm enjoying that while I am writing.

Monday, 28 September 2009


Gosh! My life is so exciting....not! I didn't sleep well last night, which is very unusual. I had to get up at a reasonable time as we had to try to get Jasper an appointment with the vet to have his anal glands cleared. No appointments available until tomorrow at ten. Then we went shopping for a new fridge freezer as the one we have is leaking all over the place - there's a story to this which I won't bore you with. Jasper went to doggy day camp for 4 hours while we shopped - it's like a doggy nursery where they all play together and have fun with lots of toys etc. in a big arena. Jasper loves it and he gets loads of exercise. Kevin has gone out with the boys and I have either been on the phone, playing with Jasper or trying to make a new rota for Sunday School. I'm also trying to organise a Christmas Carol Service for my 60+ group and a nativity play for the sunday school. No time to read or paint today! Still, tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Today has been quite a pleasant day. The weather is lovely - the sun is shining but there is an autumnal nip in the air. I love autumn days like this, especially in the Lake District, though it's rather nice here where we live.
I'm sitting with my feet up with a little spaniel sleeping at my feet. He's been in my bad books recently as he chewed a hole in our brand new carpet - I think it was payback for having been in the kennels. Then this morning he chewed up and swallowed one of my earrings. Add this to 1 ruined duvet, 2 pairs of sandals and various cloths, this pup is proving expensive. All is not bad though. he did very well at his puppy class and has 'graduated' from his second class.He has learned a lot and I have to keep reminding myself that he's only a pup.
I'm quite pleased that I have remembered to write this blog even though I have nothing much to say. Watch this space!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

hello again! ....

I have just been reminded by a friend that I haven't written my blog since April. I'm not surprised as things have been a bit hectic since then. We have had a lot of problems with the house which means we have a new carpet, curtains and chairs. We had a couple of our chairs recovered and we're still waiting for them. In the meantime , we have had to decorate downstairs which means the hall and stairs look as though they need painting too - it just goes on. In all this time Kevin has been recovering from his knee injury and our little pup has been making his presence known. Kev is doing well but needs another operation and the pup has been neutered.
September sees the launch of the Centenary of girlguiding, so there have been lots of planning meetings and celebrations to sort out. Our County had a day in one of Greater manchester's biggest parks where 8000+ girls enjoyed all sorts of activities and shows. It was excellent! The saturday afterwards I had organised an activity day for manchester's 60+ members and we enjoyed archery, aerobics, a photography session, a BBQ and a centenary challenge. It was a beautiful day at our campsite and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
We are having a few days in St Anne's on Sea which is just south of Blackpool. It's more sedate than Blackpool and a favourite with pensioners! As Kevin has just retired, we felt that it was appropriate to come here. We're staying in a lovely small hotel which is very comfortable and where the food is excellent. We've had a day in Blackpool, but that is a really tacky place. Anyway, we've recharged our batteries and ready to go home. jasper has had his first taste of kennels, so we hope he's enjoyed it. He has a 'test' on Saturday to see how much he has learned at his puppy improver classes. He does OK at the class but has his moments at home _ like eating my new EXPENSIVE Mephisto sandals aaaaagh!!!
Well, I shall have to go and get myself beautiful for this evening's meal. From now on it'll be back to me cooking, sadly.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

saturday 26th April

Well, it's been an eventful couple of weeks in our household. My dear one fell downstairs and has ruptured one of the big tendons/ligaments in his knee, so he is in plaster from the top of his leg to his ankle and cannot do a thing. He's now got a cold so is feeling rather fed up. This all means that the house is a tip because we were going to decorate the little bedroom , where Kevin has hundreds of books, papers etc etc. that is now half empty and the rest of upstairs is full of all sorts. In between all this I've had lots of meetings, coffee mornings,and, tomorrow, the annual sponsored walk I organise. It's a mad life! Next week we get our new pup, Jasper, to add to the chaos. I'm going to have to make this short and sweet as I have things to do -- like sleep!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Spring! April 6th

I can't believe that it is so long since I wrote my blog but I have been incedibly busy. I should be busy now but I've not got the energy! Why have I been so busy - well, I've had to organise a few things and I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. My back bedroom is full of 650 knitted hats for premature babies which I've got to sort, pack and deliver to special care baby units, there are bags of crafty things for a stall and lists of things still to do! The girlguiding centenary starts in September, so we have lots to do for that. Enough of that! We are trying to get the house puppy proof. We're having the drive done, the lounge stripped and plastered and plan to decorate the little bedroom. Our little pup is growing and we're going up to see him during the holiday and the visit after that will be to pick him up. I'm so excited although I was the one who said we shouldn't have another pup!
I've got the TV on and they are talking about Jade Goody again. I was so sorry that a young woman should die leaving two little ones, and I sort of understand her reasoning re. the media but the media circus is milking this story. I'd feel better if they were making donations to cancer research to help other people, but I'm afraid that it is just profit they are interested in. I haven't seen such hysteria since Diana died. I absolutely hate this cult of celebrity worship - what values are we giving our young people. Thank heavens for prominent people like Michelle Obama who visited a school in London and told them that its good to be smart and to work hard towards their goals.
I'm reading a book now about a woman who has adopted six children with special educatonal needs, mainly Downs Syndrome. I loved my Downs children when I taught them, but to have so many to look after long term is incredible.
The weather has been glorious this last week and today is lovely too. We went a lovely walk yesterday in a country park near Rochdale. I suppose that I need to get going and do some gardening.
I've tried to put some pictures on this blog to liven it up but failed again! I'll just close now.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

17th March

The top of the morning to you! It's St Patrick's day today and it's a beautiful day here - a real spring beauty. It's a whole week since I wrote and it's been a bit busy really. On Friday night we had our 60+ group which was fun. One of our ladies has hand bell plates and she brought them along and tried to get some music out of us. The bells have a lovely sound, it's just a pity that we didn't have much of a clue. We also received an email photo of our new puppy, so Saturday we went round pricing puppy stuff! I hope I've managed to attach the photo, but technology is not my forte. The pup was 5 days old when this photo was taken - he is so cute! Anyway back to my week. On Saturday night we went out to a pub in Marple for a meal - I've never seen such huge portions!! So, I've done two long walks this week so I'm feeling virtuous and my knee hurts! I've made 4 birthday cards, done a bit of painting, read a book and found the bottom of my ironing basket. A miracle!
The book was good - Snow Flower and the secret fan by Lisa See. It is about Chinese society in the early 1800's I think. I've always been fascinated by the old Chinese culture since I was little and this book explains things such as foot binding and a woman's place in the society. I have bought another book by Lisa which I hope is as good.
Anyway, I have a meeting this afternoon so I had better go and have my shower and do something before I go.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

tues again

I have read my help line and shall now to add photos - watch this space!

First, a photo of the pup's sire. Isn't he a handsome boy? Let's hope our pup's the same.

I shall now try to add my 'portraits'. Do remember that they are not finished, they are my first attempts at portraits and one of my first tries with oils. They are the excuses, now for the masterpieces.
Can't get the pics up!!

Tuesday 10th March

I can't believe that it is only 7.50 and I have had my breakfast, watched the news, checked my emails and am now writing my blog! I must do some cleaning this morning before I go off to the clinic, my mother and toddler group and then our WI meeting this evening. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
I even waved Kevin off to work this morning. Things are a bit tense at his school as preparations for the new academy are under way. Last week the new curriculum came out - no history or geography as discrete subjects in upper school. Following reprsentations, they have been reinstated for at least one year. I don't know what is happening to our education here. this morning they announce a teacher training course lasting 6 months only, and a 'fast track' headteacher course so that you can be a headteacher after 4 years teaching!
Then we have the news that a policeman has been murdered in Northern Ireland. I really hope that this and the murders at the weekend are not indicative of and escalation of the troubles.
Now for happier news. Last night we ordered a puppy!! A springer spaniel boy,born last Thursday. We haven't seen the pups yet as they are so young, but I didn't sleep last night...worrying, thinking of names etc. etc. Bang goes my nice quiet retirement!!
I have just tried to add a photograph of his sire, but I don't know what I've done wrong. My computer skills are not very good.
I shall also try to show my very first portraits, both of which are works in progress. Then, i shall go and have my shower!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday 9th March

I've just been looking at my blog and realise that I haven't written anything since 21st February. I must have had a funny turn, as I dated it 21st March. Did you realise that Barbie is 50 years old today? Not that I had a barbie doll as they weren't around when I was a little girl. I had a beautiful doll with a china face that my uncle brought me from Canada. She was lovely but years later I lent her to my cousin to put in the Christmas crib on the children's ward where my cousin was the ward sister. Unfortunately, my lovely doll got broken which was accidental but very sad.
My uncle was a chef on the Empress of Canada ship which sailed between Liverpool and Canada. Uncle Bill was a larger than life character and I thought he was wonderful. he took me on board when I was a little girl and gave me some ice cream. Wonderful! I had never seen a fridge before, never mind such a huge one and I don't think that I had eaten many ice creams before, either. He was only a relatively young man when he died at sea. He was buried at sea and my aunty was given a chart with the exact spot marked. She was left with 3 young boys to bring up.
Well, it's a nice bright day today, but cold and damp. I've been to the doctor's AGAIN because I am having difficulty hearing. I now have to have my ear syringed next week to see if that helps. I seem to be spending a lot of my time at the doctor's and various medical centres lately - I'm sure that I have something written on my cards. I used to work as a receptionist when I ws at college, and we had our old dears who were regulars. I hope I'm not regarded as an old dear at our surgery!
I've been really busy in the last couple of weeks. I'm not complaining but I still have to organise my annual charity walk. This year we are doing it for help the heroes charity, which helps soldiers who have been wounded etc in the wars we are involved in. I am very distressed to hear that two young soldiers have been killed in Northern Ireland, the first murders for a long time. I just hope that the peace process continues and the troubles don't start up again. Anyway, I must go and do something instead of sitting here droning on.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday 21st March

Well it's 9.45 on a Saturday morning and I am sitting calmly before the storm. This afternoon, I am going to our Thinking Day gathering - there will be up to 200 girls, aged 5 to 14 all joining in the activities. I've been allocated to the crafts corner where we'll be making oriental fans, henna hands and funky friends. For those who don't know, Thinking Day is a celebration of guiding when we think of all our sister guides around the world. One hour after this afternoon celebrations finish, I have to be all dressed up and looking glamorous (!!) to accompany my beloved to a dinner dance. I think there might be a chance that my nose may end up in my soup.
Kevin's been on holiday this week, but we haven't done much. We had a day in Derbyshire on Tuesday and had a little walk and then looked around Bakewell, which is a nice little town. We found a new art gallery and ended up buying a new picture. We haven't bought one for ages, so that was nice. Kevin saw a beautiful one, but, at £2,500 it was out of our pocket and it was so large that we would have needed a VERY large house to show it off.
Yesterday, we went a walk nearby. It is a hill called Werneth Low. It's not that high, but you get the most fantastic views for miles around. It was quite clear and we could just see the Welsh hills in the distance. It was good to be out for a walk again, as I haven't been able to go far with this cough.
I've been working on my portrait. It's coming on but I don't think the Louvre will be hanging it any time soon.
There is a programme on TV at the moment. An artist is painting portraits in the style of famous artists. Last night he painted a rock star from Stone Roses in the style of Cezanne. It was really interesting even though he only had a few hours to complete it. The artist used to be an art forger and has spent some time in prison for forging old masters.
Anyway, I'd better make a move on and get something done so cheerio for now.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Weds. 11th Feb

Well, it's nice to be out and about again! I went to my art class today and began a portrait in oils. I can't believe that I am even contemplating such a task. I have chosen to work from a photograph of a young girl from northern India. I've already done a practice run in pastels which looks OK ish so I hope that I can manage it. I've never really used oils before so it should be interesting! I've just looked on our friend's blog and she has put a lovely painting on - maybe one day I shall be famous too ha ha!!
The snow is melting at last, although I thought we were in for more last night. I went off to WI and had quite a nice evening. We didn't have a speaker so were able to chat to each other. One of our members is a young mum who is registered blind. She brought her Guide dog Becca with her so I spent most of the evening cuddling her! These dogs are absolutely amazing. As soon as their harness is on , you can tell that they are 'on duty'. Becca's mum is in training for a half marathon in order to raise funds for training more dog.
It's almost time for Coronation Street so I shall finish for today.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday 6th feb.

More snow today! I stayed in again because the cold just makes me cough, poor dear. Since I've been stuck in the house I have become more attached to the radio. I used to listen to it far more than I do now. This morning I listened to desert island discs which featured one of our more distinguished actors, David Suchet. He is probably most famous here for his portrayal of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, but, in fact is a fine Shakespearian actor. His father was a surgeon and didn't approve of one of his sons going into the theatre, but eventually accepted it. David spoke about being sent to boarding school at the age of 8 and how he hated it. He was beaten for having a chocolate bar in his cupboard after a visit from his mother. Can you believe that? Every Sunday the headmaster would get the boys in a 'crocodile' and walk them into the sea. they only managed to do it by holding hands and singing 'You'll never walk alone'. Hopefully, none of them drowned. I wonder if the headmaster did a risk assessment before he took them down to the sea - you can't breathe now without a risk assessment in England! I also watched a debate on TV. The two questions were, can you be a christian and believe in the theory of evolution - it is Sunday after all. The other was are working mothers selfish. (This follows a report from the children's society which says that children in the UK are the unhappiest they have ever been). The debate was interesting and some good points made. There were some extreme views expressed and some arrogance shown, particularly by one Cambridge professor, who labelled anybody who didn't agree with his points as intellectually lazy. I do like the radio as you can listen and get on with other things if you need to . I remember when I was little, our granny lived with us and she loved to listen to the Saturday night play. Mum and dad would go to the cinema and granny would let me stay up reading or playing as long as I didn't disturb the play. Then it was up to bed as quickly as possible before mum and dad got home! I have also done some painting so have had rather a good day!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thurs 5th February

Well, I'm still coughing well and now I can't hear very well. Apparently this is a side effect of my antibiotics 'particularly in the elderly'!! I certainly don't think of myself as elderly so I'm a bit miffed! I've done some washing and hoovering today and then decided to try some drawing. I found a lovely photograph of an Indian girl and tried to copy it. My drawing doesn't look a bit like her so I'll have to keep trying. I think I'll try and paint her in watercolour and then try it again in oils at my art class. I'm determined to get on the 'good table' at my class! Kev's out again with the boys, so it's just me and the telly. I think I may just get my book to read.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

weds. 4th February

Still coughing and spluttering and feeling sorry for myself. It's still very cold outside so I haven't been out as I lose my breath. Poor old me! I had to miss my art class, so I decided to spend the morning finshing off two of my pieces. The first one is a pastel drawing of a blue tit and it doesn't loo too bad. The second is a watercolour of a sky scrape. I' m not too happy with that. Like my last watercolour, the sky is quite good but I don't like the buildings. I don't think I've got the angles right and that's down to draughtsmanship. I was going to show them here, but then I looked at my friend's blog and hers are so much better!!! So I won't. Next week we are starting an oil portrait.which I think will be hard for me, but we'll see. I think that I'd better practise drawing faces this week. Nothing else to say - I'm in the middle of a novel which I didn't think I'd like, but am actually quite enjoying. I can't remember the title or the author off hand! Time to go for today!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tues 3rd February

It's a beautiful day today - the sun is shining and we have at least 6 inches of snow outside. The little ginger kitten next door doesn't quite know what it's all about and is running in and out and having great fun. The children are sledging in the park and me? I'm sitting inside feeling proper poorly! I've had a bad chest infection for a couple of weeks and yesterday the doctor gave me some different tablets and they're making me feel a bit off. Still, I have read a couple of books which is always nice. I enjoy reading biographies and the two I've read this week are Michael Parkinson's and Paul O'Grady's. Other people's lives are always interesting. Last night I watched a TV programme called 'Who do you think you are?' The programme helps a well-known person to trace their roots and sometimes finds some amazing stories. This is the third series and has inspired my K. to trace his father's family. His father died before he was born and his mum didn't really keep in touch with family. K was doing quite well until he started being busy again.
We went out to Manchester Art gallery to see Anthony Gormley's latest work. It was a good job K. was with me because the sculpture is oused in the newest part of the gallery - glass stairs, glass lift, glass walkways which are not good for people with vertigo! I liked the sculpture but I'm not quite sure what it represents. I think that everybody has their own response to art anyway. Well, I'm going to have a cuppa and try to amend the mistakes in my latest materpiece.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tues. 27th January

What an exciting life I have! Yesterday I spent the morning ironing 12 shirts, 4 tee shirts, 3 jumpers and 2 pairs of trousers. In the afternoon I did some planning and printing for today and in the evening I was watching TV and had a 1 hour 30 minute phone call with a friend.
Today, I was in a boring meeting. I sit on a panel for school appeals and some of the procedures are due to change, so that's what we had to learn. In the afternoon I was in charge of Praise and Play with the little ones. It went very well, thankfully. Now I am catching up on my e-mails. I don't know how I stand the excitement.
I've been looking at my friend's blog and she's got some of her art work on. I don't dare put any of mine on yet, but who knows. It may happen soon!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday 25th Jan

It is 10.20 on a Sunday evening and we are waiting for the bread to cook. It smells absolutely gorgeous and will taste good too. We have a bread making machine and are now using it regularly. Unfortunately we are now eating too much bread!
We've had a funny old day. friday was my sister's birthday and we spent ages yesterday looking for presents for her. Today we were supposed to be at her home for 11am for coffee and then we were taking her out for lunch. Off we set in time, but needed some money. We stopped at the garage for petrol and found that the ATM was out of order. Off we go again and call at the supermarket for money. Off we go again and discover that there's no water in the windscreen washer, so we stop at the next garage. I go in my handbag for my phone to ring my sister to say we are on the way, and discover that my phone is at home and, even worse, so are my sister's presents! Anyway we had a nice lunch and afternoon and I shall meet her again for lunch on Friday. Hopefully I'll remember the presents!
I haven't even read my newspaper today and it's an 'Obama souvenir edition' which I am looking forward to reading. I just hope that all the expectations the world have for him are not too much. Anyway, it's bedtime. The loaf is cooked and looks delicious, so we can sleep easy. Tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I'm back!!

Well, here I am back after 2 months. Where does the time go? Such a lot has happened since then. The Guide concert was brilliant - the girls did really well and we were very proud of them all. My Carol service went well too, although it was a bit short. I've made a costume for K. to be in the adult nativity and entertained my sister for Christmas. Jo's tiny baby is now 10lbs in weight and has had lots of cuddles from yours truly. Now things are back to normal and the weeks seem to fly by. We had a nice time last Saturday. Our friend's daughter was 30 and we were invited to the family party in Leeds. It was a real family do, with our friends' three daughters, their grandchildren, nephews and nieces etc. Of course the younger ones went into the city later on to the clubs whilst we old ones went home! Laura was one of our bridesmaids and now she is working in product design. She has a job with the famous Betty's teashop in harrogate and is now working on their Easter catalogue.
My art class is back and I have been working in pastel mainly. I have almost completed a picture of a bluetit which is looking OK and a landscape which is finished and doesn't look too bad......not good, but not bad! I did a beautiful watercolour - the sky was lovely and so was the mid ground, but then I spoiled it by making a mess of the foreground!
Well, I am going now to try to beat the champions on Countdown, so will close now. Back soon!!