Monday, 28 September 2009


Gosh! My life is so exciting....not! I didn't sleep well last night, which is very unusual. I had to get up at a reasonable time as we had to try to get Jasper an appointment with the vet to have his anal glands cleared. No appointments available until tomorrow at ten. Then we went shopping for a new fridge freezer as the one we have is leaking all over the place - there's a story to this which I won't bore you with. Jasper went to doggy day camp for 4 hours while we shopped - it's like a doggy nursery where they all play together and have fun with lots of toys etc. in a big arena. Jasper loves it and he gets loads of exercise. Kevin has gone out with the boys and I have either been on the phone, playing with Jasper or trying to make a new rota for Sunday School. I'm also trying to organise a Christmas Carol Service for my 60+ group and a nativity play for the sunday school. No time to read or paint today! Still, tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Today has been quite a pleasant day. The weather is lovely - the sun is shining but there is an autumnal nip in the air. I love autumn days like this, especially in the Lake District, though it's rather nice here where we live.
I'm sitting with my feet up with a little spaniel sleeping at my feet. He's been in my bad books recently as he chewed a hole in our brand new carpet - I think it was payback for having been in the kennels. Then this morning he chewed up and swallowed one of my earrings. Add this to 1 ruined duvet, 2 pairs of sandals and various cloths, this pup is proving expensive. All is not bad though. he did very well at his puppy class and has 'graduated' from his second class.He has learned a lot and I have to keep reminding myself that he's only a pup.
I'm quite pleased that I have remembered to write this blog even though I have nothing much to say. Watch this space!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

hello again! ....

I have just been reminded by a friend that I haven't written my blog since April. I'm not surprised as things have been a bit hectic since then. We have had a lot of problems with the house which means we have a new carpet, curtains and chairs. We had a couple of our chairs recovered and we're still waiting for them. In the meantime , we have had to decorate downstairs which means the hall and stairs look as though they need painting too - it just goes on. In all this time Kevin has been recovering from his knee injury and our little pup has been making his presence known. Kev is doing well but needs another operation and the pup has been neutered.
September sees the launch of the Centenary of girlguiding, so there have been lots of planning meetings and celebrations to sort out. Our County had a day in one of Greater manchester's biggest parks where 8000+ girls enjoyed all sorts of activities and shows. It was excellent! The saturday afterwards I had organised an activity day for manchester's 60+ members and we enjoyed archery, aerobics, a photography session, a BBQ and a centenary challenge. It was a beautiful day at our campsite and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
We are having a few days in St Anne's on Sea which is just south of Blackpool. It's more sedate than Blackpool and a favourite with pensioners! As Kevin has just retired, we felt that it was appropriate to come here. We're staying in a lovely small hotel which is very comfortable and where the food is excellent. We've had a day in Blackpool, but that is a really tacky place. Anyway, we've recharged our batteries and ready to go home. jasper has had his first taste of kennels, so we hope he's enjoyed it. He has a 'test' on Saturday to see how much he has learned at his puppy improver classes. He does OK at the class but has his moments at home _ like eating my new EXPENSIVE Mephisto sandals aaaaagh!!!
Well, I shall have to go and get myself beautiful for this evening's meal. From now on it'll be back to me cooking, sadly.