Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday 25th October

What a wet and windy day today! The clocks went back last night, so we had an extra hour in bed - the best place to be on a day like today. So, I managed to get up and shower and went to church. Our vicar was away and we had a really old man taking his place. he was very slow at everything and, although he had a beautiful speaking voice, I couldn't actually hear him speaking very well, despite the microphones. Never mind, we sang some good hymns!
This afternoon I tried to tidy the back bedroom and sort out some clothes for the charity collection tomorrow. Many of our charities now post a plastic bag for you to fill and coleect it again a few days later. Unfortunately, in some areas, other people have been collecting the bags and making money for themselves. Sometimes it's a sad old world. Anyway, I can almost see my desk top and even the bed!!!!! A couple of hours tomorrow should do it and then I start on the shelves.
I'm in the middle of making a costume for kev to wear at halloween. It looks awful at the moment, but will look Ok when I've finished - I hope. It's only a bit of fun, after all. My Frankenstein head looks good now I've finished it - at least jasper thinks it's scary. Talking of that little monster, he's just drawn blood on my leg - he was catching one of his toys and missed and caught my leg. He's asleep at my feet now and that's how I like it.
I've also been looking at the work of my friend's son. It's called Hippolyte and Jeremie and is so good. We have some pictures of pigs that he drew for us when he was only 14 or 15 and we love them. I wish I could draw half as well.
Anyway, time for coffee so I'll close now.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

22nd October

Well it's been a beautiful week this week - bright autumn sunshine and the trees are so gorgeous. Last Saturday we went for a drive into Derbyshire. We bought a picture in an exhibition a few weeks ago and we went to pick it up. Not that it's on the wall yet, but will be this weekend....I hope! Then we have the garage to sort out - what a job!
Jasper's good - still ripping paper etc.but generally improving. He began his Kennel Club Good Citizen bronze award on Tuesday night and did quite well for a little fella. Whether he'll pass at the end I don't know - here's hoping.
I've been into Manchester today visiting a member of our Trefoil Guild. She's just had her 80th birthday but fell at home last week and broke her hip. She's had surgery this week and looked better than I expected, but I would think that she'll see some changes in her life. She lives alone and her family are in Australia so I don't know whether she'll go into sheltered housing or whether some support will be put in place for her. She's a grand lady - feisty and full of fun. her mind is sharper than mine (not hard) and she tells some wonderful stories.
Guides is closed for 2 weeks as the hall is being used. Last week we took them swimming in Stockport, but the pool was being used.So we went to the pictures to see 'Up' the new Disney film. I don't usually like animated films but this was really good. I'm not a great cinema fan, so if I enjoyed it, it must be good!!
Well I shall have a cuppa now and then try to get Kevin to try on his costume for Hallowe'en!! A sight to be seen, I think.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday 11th October

I can't remember when I did my last blog, but it must have been a few days ago. I have just finished getting our small former dining room floor clean as we are having a wooden floor laid tomorrow last! We seem to have spent the last couple of days moving things from one place to another. Last night we went out with friends for a chinese banquet in Manchester. It was pretty good and we ate far too much, of course. When we drove into the city centre there were so many police around that we wondered what was going on, but then remembered that there had been a demonstration in the afternoon. We didn't see any trouble, thankfully.
Today has been parade day - it was Harvest and baptism at church this morning and then I was invited to a standard service in the afternoon. It was good to see al the kids taking part but also rather sad. The service was dedicated to a 7 year old brownie who had died last december of a brain tumour. Mum and dad were there, but how they coped, I don't know. The guides had made up a lovely song which was very moving.
On to happier things - my Jasper is growing very tall and takes full advantage of this. His latest trick is to grab anyhing he can off any surface he can reach, which is pretty well everything! Today he has removed a bottle of wine from the wine rack, a hammer from Kev's toolbox, a milk bottle, thankfully empty and various pieces of paper, socks, hankies etc. Goodness knows what goes into his little tum but he's impossible to catch.
Well, the smell of coffee has just drifted across my nostrils, so i must go for my injection of caffeine.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tues 6th October

Have you had one of those days? It has rained hard all day - my washing basket is full,but I can't wash because I can't get things dry- the drier is behind all the bookcases in the garage. Don't ask me why we have our bookcases in the drier, it would take too long to answer. Jasper has been a bit of a hooligan today. he shreds everything he can get hold of and the house looks like a litterbin a lot of the time. Kev's out tonight and I had a million, well four, things to do and I have done 2. I haven't done my homework for art yet - looks like I'll be up late.
I had a lovely weekend. I had to go to a National Conference for the Trefoil Guild and I didn't really know anybody very well, if at all, so I was quite apprehensive. However, the drive down through the Peak District was lovely. All the trees were just beginning to show their autumn colours and the sun was shining. - just my kind of day! The conference centre was OK, at least I had my own room and the sessions were interesting. As always with guide functions, we stayed up far too late and had plenty of laughs. I did miss the younger people though, as most of the Trefoil are over 60 in age if not in spirit. Last night I had another meeting in Manchester and have two more this week, so I'll be absolutely sick of meetings!!
This afternoon it was praise and play for the little ones. Some of them have moved on to school this term but we have several new ones who are quite small. I took my 'harvest' bag with me and took out a banana, onion, potato etc. Where does all the food come from? Tesco's, of course!!
Well, I'd better get my homework done as Jasper is having a little nap. I've just discovered a jazz programme on the radio so I'm enjoying that while I am writing.