Monday, 17 November 2008

tuesday 18th November

I can't believe how time has flown since I last wrote this blog. Just after I had finished my last blog I got a phone call from the Guide leader saying she had had her baby 51/2 weks early. he was very little and is in the special care baby unit. So, I spent a lot of time geting ready for the guide meeting. they are doing a concert in a couple of weeks but don't seem too worried about it whereas i'm panicking. We have someone coming in to help with the singing, but the girls were a bit high, so we abandoned rehearsal! I just wish that some of them were more committed and less rude!
I woke up on Sat. with an awful pain in my leg and then found it was difficult to walk. I rested most of the day and then went out for a meal at some friends' new home. We had a really lovely evening, but when I got home both my legs and feet were VERY swollen - a bit scary. I went to hospital with a suspected deep vein thrombosis. They couldn't decide what it was, so I came home with instructions. He said that the pain was probably the onset of arthritis in my hip - great! It was all a bit scary and I hope all is well. It means I missed the rehearsal for WI extravaganza and am not sure I'll make the party. I've got to take a meeting in Manchester today, so I'll see how I manage.
Other than that, I've not done much. I haven't even done much reading or prctise my art. Last week we started a detailed botanical drawing. I don't think I've done it very well, so far. I've got a few unfinished pictures which I must complete. I do enjoy my classes as I've always wanted to do it.
Anyway, I'll have to go and limp up to the train in a bit to get to my meeting. Hope the next blog will be more interesting.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Monday 10th November

I've just been trying to read my friend's blog - as it's written in French I find it difficult at times. Mind you, if I had my french dictionary at hand I might do better. What strikes me is that her life is so much more cultural than mine! My blog is a bit boring, but that's how it is.
I've been so busy this weekend that I could do with collapsing today, but I'm off to help my friends move house today, so collapsing will be postponed until this evening. this friend remarried in summer, and they have been living between 2 houses since then. Why? Well, they are moving into the husband's house, which is a rather gorgeous old stone weaver's cottage. But inside neede refurbishing as it really was a 71 year old bachelor's house - a huge machine in the laundry room, for starters. Anyway, it's fit for habitation now and B. is leaving her home this morning. It'll be mixed feelings for her I'm sure, but we'll get through.
I'll give you a taster of my weekend:
Friday: shoppping etc. Evening-Guides
Sat. Up at 6; on the train by 7.30 am to get to Preston b 9.30. Meeting until 2.30pm. Packed train back home. Had to stand all the way. In house at 4.45. Out again by 6 to go to as cabaret evening which was good. the singer sounded just like Karen Carpenter - what a beautiful voice she had. Home by midnight. Up early to be at the Cenotaph for parade. We had a good turn out from guides and they behaved very well, which is a miracle! It was really damp and cold but nice. Broadbottom is only a little village, but there was a brass band and a parade from the community centre to the cenotaph. The head of the little primary school always asks the chidren to come so of course, their parents come too, so there is always a good crowd. This year was a bit special. In previous years, the reciting of the poem was always done by an elderly man - a much loved member of the community. He had been in the war and spent many years raising money and awareness for the British Legion and many other acts of charity. Sadly, he died last year, so at the end of the service a bench was dedicated to his memory.
We look at old people and don't know what their lives have been. A friend told me of an old lady who goes to their chapel. She's very frail and needs help towalk etc. At the remembrance service yesterday she walked in with a row of medals on her coat. It turns out she was a major in the army during the last war and was secretary to one of the Americans at the signing of the peace treaty - amazing stories. I've just watched the news and one of the British heroes of the Falkland war has been interviewing the last three veterans of the Great War. They are grand old men. I hope that the last survivor is given a state funeral in honour of all the men who fought in that war. When we were in Bath they were just putting up a head and shoulders statue of one of the men, Harry Patchett. It was exquisite. K. actually spoke to the artist, who told K. that Harry was a remarkable man even at his great age.
Back to my busy weekend. Sunday afternoon - rehearsal for the WI birthday party entertainment. It was so bad that we're going ot have to rehearse again next Sunday otherwise it will be embarrassing for us and the audience!
I've just got back from helping at the move and had a sandwich. It went well and, hopefully they will soon get sorted in their new marital home, which is so gorgeous. I'm now going to do some hoovering, washing, ignore the ironing and hopefully do some work on my painting .......after I've made some phone calls. sometimes I get exhausted just hinking about what I have to do!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Thursday 6th November

Well all the excitement of the american election is over and there is a black american elected president - what an historic moment. I hope that he can live up to the expectations everybody has of him and that his term of office is a good one for all. It's hard to believe that it's only 40 -50 years ago that black people didn't even have a vote and we must not forget the struggles and bloodshed that has allowed this moment to happen - the civil rights leaders and ordinary people who were brave enough to fight for their cause. One of the most moving moments of the TV coverage was to see jesse jackson with tears rolling down his cheeks and one of the most worrying was to see Barack delivering his victory speech surrounded by a high-walled bullet proof screen. Let's hope nothing untoward happens to him.
I am finding it difficult to get my act together this morning. I have been up really early on three mornings this week to go to hospital and dental appointments and this morning I feel very lethargic. Everything is fine at the hospital and I've still got some of my own teeth!! I went to the hospital because I've had a persistent cough since last Chrismas and my voice keeps going husky. They couldn't find anyting on my lungs or vocal chords, thankfully, so I'm now discharged from that clinic. The consultant made me laugh when he asked if I was an opera singer because my voice/vocal chords were very strong. Anybody who has heard my singing will know how wrong he is - I can clear a hall in 3 seconds!
I enjoyed the art class yesterday, although I'm finding this topic rather difficult. We are doing a wintry landscape in oils and I don't think that I like using oils as a media - it's very hard. My landscape looks pretty awful but it is't finished yet. One day I'm going to make a fortune, I hope.
I finished my carol service so that's one job out of the way. I've just got to do the organising bit which shouldn't take too long. then I've got tokae some props for our WI birthday party. We're having a sixties party and doing some silly sketches - The flowerpot men, eurovision and a scene from Coronation Street - it should be OK. Rehearsal on Sunday after being frozen at the cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday parade.
Well, I'd better become the Domestic Goddess and do some chores - I'll have another coffee first! I'm out for a meal tonight with 3 of the other teachers from Chapel School. That'll be nice. I still miss the kids, especially as we head towards Christmas. Never mind - I don't have time to prepare lessons now.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Monday 3rd November

Well, it's back to normal today after a lovely ten days or so. Our visit to the Lake District was good - we went with a group of people from church and got to know people better. K. was the star of the evening entertainment and of a piece of drama. On the Saturday we were planning to go out walking, but it poured down. I have never seen rain like it! We ventured into the local town, but decided to go back to the hotel! Coming home on the Sunday was a bit adventurous as the roads were flooded. When we saw the news on TV we were amazed at just how bad the floods were!
We had a couple of days at home and then went down to Bath. We stayed in a hotel at Limpley Stoke, a tiny spot on the map. It was like a big mansion, built of beautiful Bath stone which is a golden colour. All the trees were changing colour and it was very picturesque. We spent a lot of time with my goddaughter and her children. Thursday was a birthday party with 10 x 9 year old girls. It was good as we did an arty party and they were all dressed in fancy dress. K escaped to the local pub with his book! On the Friday we explored Bath for the day and went back for Hallowe'en. Because they live in a village, the kids all dress up and do trick or treat and the mums or dads come with them.
Since then, I've been stuck into planning a carol service for guides - it's coming between me and my sleep, but I think it's finished now - I just have to print everything out.
I wanted to get some painting done today, but I haven't been able to, what with dong the carol service, washing, phone calls and visitors! Anyway, I'm off to bed now as I have to be up in the morning to go to the hospital for a check up. I still haven't found a way to put pictures on this to liven it up!!