Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tues. 27th January

What an exciting life I have! Yesterday I spent the morning ironing 12 shirts, 4 tee shirts, 3 jumpers and 2 pairs of trousers. In the afternoon I did some planning and printing for today and in the evening I was watching TV and had a 1 hour 30 minute phone call with a friend.
Today, I was in a boring meeting. I sit on a panel for school appeals and some of the procedures are due to change, so that's what we had to learn. In the afternoon I was in charge of Praise and Play with the little ones. It went very well, thankfully. Now I am catching up on my e-mails. I don't know how I stand the excitement.
I've been looking at my friend's blog and she's got some of her art work on. I don't dare put any of mine on yet, but who knows. It may happen soon!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday 25th Jan

It is 10.20 on a Sunday evening and we are waiting for the bread to cook. It smells absolutely gorgeous and will taste good too. We have a bread making machine and are now using it regularly. Unfortunately we are now eating too much bread!
We've had a funny old day. friday was my sister's birthday and we spent ages yesterday looking for presents for her. Today we were supposed to be at her home for 11am for coffee and then we were taking her out for lunch. Off we set in time, but needed some money. We stopped at the garage for petrol and found that the ATM was out of order. Off we go again and call at the supermarket for money. Off we go again and discover that there's no water in the windscreen washer, so we stop at the next garage. I go in my handbag for my phone to ring my sister to say we are on the way, and discover that my phone is at home and, even worse, so are my sister's presents! Anyway we had a nice lunch and afternoon and I shall meet her again for lunch on Friday. Hopefully I'll remember the presents!
I haven't even read my newspaper today and it's an 'Obama souvenir edition' which I am looking forward to reading. I just hope that all the expectations the world have for him are not too much. Anyway, it's bedtime. The loaf is cooked and looks delicious, so we can sleep easy. Tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I'm back!!

Well, here I am back after 2 months. Where does the time go? Such a lot has happened since then. The Guide concert was brilliant - the girls did really well and we were very proud of them all. My Carol service went well too, although it was a bit short. I've made a costume for K. to be in the adult nativity and entertained my sister for Christmas. Jo's tiny baby is now 10lbs in weight and has had lots of cuddles from yours truly. Now things are back to normal and the weeks seem to fly by. We had a nice time last Saturday. Our friend's daughter was 30 and we were invited to the family party in Leeds. It was a real family do, with our friends' three daughters, their grandchildren, nephews and nieces etc. Of course the younger ones went into the city later on to the clubs whilst we old ones went home! Laura was one of our bridesmaids and now she is working in product design. She has a job with the famous Betty's teashop in harrogate and is now working on their Easter catalogue.
My art class is back and I have been working in pastel mainly. I have almost completed a picture of a bluetit which is looking OK and a landscape which is finished and doesn't look too bad......not good, but not bad! I did a beautiful watercolour - the sky was lovely and so was the mid ground, but then I spoiled it by making a mess of the foreground!
Well, I am going now to try to beat the champions on Countdown, so will close now. Back soon!!