Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday 29th Sept.

Well, it's 9am on a Monday morning and I'm no feeling very energetic this morning, so I thought I'd write my blog. I've had a busy weekend with one thing and another. Friday night was guides. J. had planned a really good evening and the girls responded well. There were quite a lot absent, so it was quieter than usual! On Saturday, I was 'on duty' at a coffee morning. It was held in the most beautiful old stone house in Broadbottom. I love going there as the garden and views are wonderful. Inside the hall has a magnificent tiled floor and the rooms are spacious. The house belongs to an elderly couple who look after all this without help - amazing. The lady of the house is a local historian and is most interesting to talk to. K's job was on the bookstall and spent his morning in the library - just his style!
Yesterday we had a visitor from church. M. is working in our parish for 12 months. He has come from Nairobi where he has almost completed his post graduate accountancy course. He is a delightful young man and we had a lovely day. After lunch we went to Chatsworth for the afternoon.
Well, I'd better make a move. I'm off to see one of my friends who has had major surgery in the last couple of weeks. Time for a natter!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Thursday 25th September

I have just got in and had a nice surprise - or so I thought! I had a payslip giving me a very nice sum of money, almost £2000. I hoped it was a bonus for having taught so long, but no such luck.
It appears that the school has appointed another teacher with my surname and initial and the money was his - what a shame! I could have done some mischief with that amount.
I had been into Manchester as I had to go to the Guide shop to pay some bills and into the office to get an address or 2. That didn't take long, so I thought I would go to the Art gallery. There was a new exhibition on but it was on the second floor. Now, Manchester Art gallery is a beautiful old classical building which has had some refurbishment internally. Part of this refurbishment is a new stairwell and lifts - all of which are glass and the stairs are open tread. As I suffer from vertigo, this is not good! I asked if there was another way up or down, but there was only a metal, spiral staircase which I couldn't manage. I was not very pleased. It meant I didn't see the exhibition.
I've just switched on the news and it looks as though they are in a lot of trouble. Maybe our government will stop thinking that everything American is good!
I have been trying to read my friend's story of the heron, but it's all in French ( that's because she's french!) I struggled a bit, but got the gist. We have a heron who flies over now and then, and occasionally rests on the roof. I think he's eyeing up the fish in next door's pond, but maybe not.
Well, I'll have to go and take my husband out to meet the boys. That means I have to pick him up later. What a good wife I am!! While he's out I think I'll practice my painting.......or have a nap. We'll see.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

wednesday 24th September

I have had a nice day today. The sun was shining so I got a pile of washing out - I won't think about the ironing. Then I addressed and filled 66 envelopes with my newsletter for 60+ guiders and got them posted. At 12.30 I went off for my second art lesson. This week, we had another try at watercolour painting. There is so much to learn and it's quite difficult to learn to use the water as well as the paint. My masterpiece is a work in progress to be finished next week. I might even photograph it to put in my blog, as long as you remember that I have only had 2 art lessons in my whole life! I must practise the techniques. After the class I went a little walk. We live in such a lovely part of the world that it is nice to enjoy it in the sunshine. Mind you, I should have been spending time in the garden, tidying it up. I was just reading my friend's blog and she does read a lot. I used to read such a lot. I still read but not as much as I did - I'll have to change that!
As I went down to the village there was a couple having a row and the language was awful. The bloke threw something away, which hit a car. The car driver got out and said something, next minute he's receiving a mouthful of abuse and the offer of a fight. Thankfully, he got back in the car. The aggressive bloke was as high as a kite on either drugs or drink and this is at 3.30 in the afternoon with all the kids coming home from school to see and hear it all. I find it so sad that relatively young people are in such a dependent state, with no self respect and full of anger. I don't know what the answer is.
Anyway, I must go and practise my art - I've got a fortune to make!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tuesday 23rd

Phew! I tried to get on my blog this morning and was told they had to check if it is a scam or not. Why do these things happen to me?? I don't know. It's a gorgeous day today - a bit windy this morning but lovely sunshine. I should have been pottering in my garden but I had to finish my watercolour for tomorrow. It was a bit difficult as I can't find the photo I was copying so I've taken a bit of poetic licence. I must say that for my first watercolour ever's not very good! I'll have to improve if I want to take the art world by storm.
This afternoon I had to go a clinic about my feet. The physiotherapist thinks I have flat feet so she referred me. I've been doing exercises to stretch my ligaments but they are still too tight. I now have to do them every hour (!) for 6 weeks and go back. It was a bit of a waste of time and it cost £2.00 to park!

Tonight, I have a meeting to go to.- hurrah! It will nice to see everybody after the summer holiday but it only means more work for me as I have to do the minutes. I don't know how I survive such an exciting life! At least I'm away from the television and the labour party conference. Why do politicians never answer questions? I really think they're a breed apart. I'm sure their mothers love them but I can't say I do- whatever their party.
Well, I'd better close before I become nasty. I shall have a coffee and then get ready. See you soon!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Monday 22nd September

Well, I thought that I'd better try and join the computer literati and start a blog. Goodness knows what I'm going to write about but I'll have a go. I've finally retired after 46 years teaching. That's a long time and I feel a bit lost without the kids. Mind you, I don't know where the time goes. Today I went into Stockport to buy some art materials, came home and wrote some letters and did some ironing. I so hate ironing! There's only two of us so I don't know why I have to do so much.
This evening I finished writing two sketches for our WI 60th birthday party and got them printed off. Not a very exciting day - maybe tomorrow will be better.