Saturday, 24 March 2012


Readers of this blog, if there are any, will have noticed yet another break in communication. This was due partly to my busy, manic life recently and partly to my lack of computer skills. My beloved has sorted me out and here I am again.
Today has been glorious - so glorious that I was out of bed at 7.15 am and walking the dog at 9am, having breakfasted, taken laundry out of the drier and put yet more washing into the washer. We had a lovely walk and Jasper ran and ran. We met his friend Rubus, a rather over-weight labrador. (Who am I to talk about being over weight?). Back home, I did two stints of ironing and even found the bottom of the basket. I sat outside in the garden, reading the paper, whilst Jasper ran around chasing flies. The sun was lovely!
I have some papers to read for Monday, when I will be part of a panel for a pupil exclusion. I'm very unsure about it as the two other panel members are very experienced, but I can only do my best. I think they must be scraping the barrel to have me! It's a lot of preparation for a voluntary job. It's very sad that pupils are being excluded from mainstream schools, but some of the behaviour is untenable.
I had a break from my swimming lesson this week as my teacher was poorly. I am so close to swimming by myself, but can't just take off - I get so cross with myself! Everyone says I'm doing well - maybe!
I'm still going to my art class and still waiting to create a masterpiece. I'll put something on my blog when I have done something worthwhile! Watch this space............

There you are - a watercolour I did last year. It is now mounted, framed and hanging on the wall.

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