Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday 26th

I've woken up to sunshine yet again. It's another beautiful day and Jasper's ready for a walk. I have some baking to do for my Praise and Play group tomorrow. I've already made some 'birds' nests' and I shall make some bunny biscuits.
Yesterday, we were on coffee duty in church. There didn't seem to be as many people in church as usual, so we thought we'd be quick - not so! The service was good and our new vicar is settling in well. I think he's lovely and just what we need. After church I sat in the garden reading the information for today's exclusion meeting. It doesn't make for nice reading and you wonder how a youngster can end up so disruptive especially as this youngster has every sort of support given and none of them seem to have worked.
Well, I suppose I'd better go and bake my biscuits and enjoy the sunshine.

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