Wednesday, 17 October 2012

another day!

At last I have my blog back! I got a new laptop for my 70th birthday in June and it has taken this long for me to get things right.
Life has been very busy recently so it's nice to sit and write. Today has been quite a gentle day, starting with the washing. There are only two of us, but I do lots of washing and then I end up with a pile of ironing which I hate having to do. Then, I was off to my art class. I missed two weeks so I wasn't sure what we were doing. Joy, it was pastels! I did a portrait of a cat. It's rather psychedelic but looking OK so far. I just need to finish and refine it with my pastel pencils. If it looks OK, then it will be a christmas present for someone.( I bet they can't wait!).
After art, it was time to take my gorgeous doggy off to have his hair cut. We've had a shock in the past couple of weeks. Jasper has been going  to My Petstop since he was a little puppy for everything - dog training, socialising, holidays and grooming. We rang to book a weekend for him to find it was closed. Panic! We had to find a new place for his 'holiday' and grooming. Luckily we have found both and Jasper looks gorgeous now he's had his trim.
I now must move myself. We're having visitors from France next week - Roxane, Rafael and baby Emma. We're looking forward to having them here but they will have to fit into a very busy week. Before then, I have to clean the house, and sort out the back bedroom so that the visitors plus cot can fit in. Then there's all the shopping ........oh well, it'll get done.
No pictures on this blog but you never know! Watch this space.

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